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Pollo Guisau

Started a new morning exercise program – biking for 30 minutes. We’ll see if I can challenge myself to continue it for the month of June. A small goal. They say every large goal begins with a small step. Or, did I just say that? haha

Odd and end things to do today. The weather is not the best for outside planting yet I need to pick up plants and do it anyway. If not today, then at least be prepared for when the sun shines and I feel up to it.
Our kitchen floor is almost finished. New vinyl tile is being laid. It looks nicer than the white we had on the floor.
I’ll probably be making pollo guisau today. A Puerto Rican “stew” — if one can call it that. Now and again, I like to go back to the old recipes. I’m not a cook by a long shot but I’ve learned to make a few dishes.
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