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Winter to Spring in Minnesota ~ A Slow Process

Minnesota Spring

Although the calendar date for spring to begin has passed, it still looks and feels like winter.

Minnesota in Spring

A long brisk walk cleared my head as I took deep breaths of the cool air.

Minnesota Start of Spring

There is so much beauty that can be found when one looks for it ~

And the stories that trees tell when you take the time to really look at them.

The buds haven’t yet started to grow ~ not even an inch ~ but there is hope in the waiting.

Minnesota Start of Spring

Big blue sky country is not just in Montana either ~ Minnesota has it’s own beautiful big sky.

Minnesota Start of Spring

And then it happens ~ hope springs from the ground to satisfy the heart longing for the season of spring.

Minnesota Start of Spring

The transition from winter to spring is a slow one in Minnesota yet it will satisfy a heart longing for warmth and transition soon enough.

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