Mall of America Bloomington, MN

When I first went to the Mall of America, I was surprised to see such a large indoor amusement “park.”  I couldn’t keep my eyes off of all the rides.  And my fear — which is probably unwarranted — is that one of those “rides” will fly off the track and into the crowd.  Not impossible but probably not probable.

Having had severe vertigo in the past, and still having residual effects from it, I would not get on any of the rides.  Besides, not sure anyone would want to hear me yell that loud.

Part of the roller coaster ride.

This brought back memories of the outdoor carousel in downtown Seattle that would go up every Christmas season.

The roller coaster is massive and makes me dizzy just to look at the people go upside down.

The last memory I have of being on a ferris wheel was when I was growing up in Chicago.

This is a “kiddy” ride.  The bus basically goes up and down.  It’s funny to watch it go up and down as it looks so boring

And yet, it’s perfect for the kids.

These are lockers for those who get tired of carrying everything around.  The smallest one is $5.00.  A little steep for a little space.

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