Listening to a spiritual podcast by Joyce Meyer, I was reminded of my humanness as she talked about anger.

Sometimes we get angry at people and we hold onto it as if our anger is going to somehow make them change.  Yet it doesn’t.  It only changes us by filling us with resentment and sometimes hate.

A phrase that Joyce Meyer used to describe it is “we’re still eating poison hoping they will die.”  The poison is the anger.  And instead of them dying it is us who slowly die by hanging on to things that should have been let go of long ago.

The Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your…

And here’s a blog from my friend William on how Christ responded to his persecutors when crucified.  Instead of anger, love and forgiveness.  I pray that will be the way I respond to the “little” things in my life that I get angry about.

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