Ray J’s American Grill in Woodbury

We went to Ray J’s American Grill last evening for dinner.

It feels and is a sports bar although the bar section is on one side and the restaurant is on the other.  It was pretty busy when we arrived.

We ordered onion rings which were delicious.  Unfortunately, they got gobbled up before I was able to take a picture.

The three entrees we ordered are below.

Ray J’s Angus Beef Hamburger

Angus beef is used for this hamburger.  Normally that’s a good cut but this was almost tasteless.  One pickle on the side was all you got along with the french fries.  No lettuce, no tomatoe, no onions.  It did state on the menu that there was nothing but a pickle with french fries but we didn’t read the menu that closely and just assumed the hamburger would be like all the others with the normal “sides.”
Chicken Marsala

I heard no complaints about the Chicken Marsala which came with garlic mashed potatoes.

Chicken Dumpling Soup
The chicken in the dumpling soup was a little dry but otherwise the soup okay.

Chicken Pot Pie

The chicken in the pot pie was also dry and they used frozen vegetables instead of fresh.  Not a good rating for this entree — maybe a two on a scale of five.

We’ve been here one other time and the food was good so maybe another trip would be fine.

Ray J’s is located at 9854 Norma Lane in Woodbury, MN.

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