Agave Kitchen in Hudson, Wisconsin

It’s hard to find a good place to eat in the Woodbury, Minnesota area.  They mostly have a lot of fast food or franchise-type restaurants.

After viewing a couple homes in Hudson, Wisconsin, we headed into their small town looking for a place to have dinner.

Fortunately for us, the place we were going to eat was having a large dinner party and was closed.

Then it happened.  We found the Agave Kitchen located in downtown Hudson, Wisconsin.  The food was delicious and was similar to what we are used to coming from Seattle, WA which has so many good restaurants to choose from.

When you enter, there is a bar area with booths off to the left.  In the back, which is where we sat, there are more booths.  The noise level may have been high had we been sitting closer to the front of the restaurant, but in the back, it was fine.

They have a mini menu that you can order things from (and it’s cheaper) which worked great for me because I didn’t want a big meal.

We decided to start with a couple appetizers.  (So much for a small dinner … )

Our first appetizer was the portabella mushroom fries.

Portabella Mushroom Fries

My husband and son ate them up rather quickly so I have to assume they were good.

The second appetizer we had were the onion rings.
Agave Kitchen Onion Rings

The waitress had warned us that the onion rings were not round.  So — who cares?  What she should have warned us (me particularly since I don’t like spicy food) was that they have a bit of a spice added to them.  I couldn’t figure out what it was.  However, they were so good, I kept eating them in spite of the spice.  Delicious!  Even if they are a little greasy.

I then had my “dinner” which were the filet mignon sliders.
Agave Kitchen Filet Mignon Sliders

I had never had a “slider” before.  These were tiny and served with carmelized onions and bleu cheese crumbles topped with green olives.  Again, delicious.  I was not disappointed that they were tiny either because they filled the empty spot in my stomach just fine.

My husband had the chicken enchilada.
Agave Kitchen Chicken Enchilada

This looked way too cheesy for me but … it got eaten.  The enchilada has shredded chicken mixed with a creamy verde mushroom sauce, covered with more cheese and then baked.  It also came with rice and beans.  The sides looked a little dry to the eye.

Overall, the best place we’ve eaten since our move to Minnesota.  Hudson is right across the St. Croix River so it’s not too far to get to.
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