Afton, Minnesota House

A house we previewed recently is in Afton, Minnesota and sits on 6 acres.  It has a really long driveway with trees on both sides.

Afton, Minnesota

The houses in this neighborhood are all on acreage.  The closest neighbor is to the right of the driveway when you enter.  A play area sits to the right of the house.

The house itself is pretty on the outside and when you enter a wall of windows invites you in.

Afton, Minnesota house

Looking through the windows, you can see trees — lots and lots of trees on this property.  A red river birch tress sits right outside the front door.

Red River Birch, Afton, Minnesota

The house also has a separate garage with a loft.

But, the house has its flaws.  It has not been updated in many years and does not “flow.”  I don’t believe in feng shui but when I walk into a house, I do get a “feel” as to whether I would enjoy living in it.  I didn’t get the “feel” for this house.

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