Lake Elmo House

Well, it looks like we might have a house pretty soon here. Like — April 29th.

We did run into a couple more glitches yesterday though. The assessor’s office has the house assessed well under other houses in that neighborhood.  That’s good in that property taxes are cheaper but it made us question whether we should have offered so much to purchase the house.

So I headed over to the City of Lake Elmo office and reviewed the file on the house. No permits were pulled for the remodels that they’ve done – kitchen, screened-in porch and the deck.

When I inquired of the city if I should come back and update them on the remodel work the young man looked at me and said “no, we don’t have to know.” Well, that’s a relief.  I think he was shocked that I would offer to update them.

The second challenge — whether a homeowner’s insurance will cover work that was not permitted. The answer, according to Hartford Insurance in Woodbury here, is yes.

We have found out that the seller did the work himself and are checking to see if he is/was licensed. If so, one other check I can do is to follow-up with the State and see if there were any complaints against that license.

But — overall, I think we’ve got a house. How exciting is that!



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