A Trip to Door County

A few days of vacation led me and my husband on a trip to Door County in eastern Wisconsin.

Day One

We stopped at a friend’s family cemetery in Gilman, Wisconsin, a very small town of less than 500 people. The cemetery was a little hard to find as we weren’t sure which way to go and our GPS did not work in the area.

The chiming of church bells led us to a funeral at the local church. A long line of cars  led the way to a cemetery. Could it be this was the cemetery we were looking for? In a town this small, we decided that we would follow the long line of cars and see if this was Meadow Brook Cemetery. Indeed it was.

Meadow Brook Cemetery, Gilman, Wisconsin

Not having been to too many cemeteries during a funeral without actually attending the funeral, I wondered if it would be okay to walk around and look for the headstones of the family name of Brothers. Since the funeral was on the other end of the cemetery, I decided it should be okay so my husband and I started our hunt for the headstones.

We were fortunate to find them right away. I took pictures so that I could send prints to my friend. This way, he can have a remembrance as he is 79 and will not be able to head back to Wisconsin again.

Agnes Brothers Headstone
Jesse Brothers Headstone
Griselda Brothers Pederson, HeadstoneÂ
Clifford Pederson, Headstone
"Pat" Priscilla Brothers, Headstone
Calvin Brothers, Headstone

Sounds a little odd that I’d be at a cemetery looking up people who I don’t know, doesn’t it? The way I look at it is that I get to know the person I know a little bit better because of the stories they tell me about themselves. The cemetery made their stories more real. Unfortunately, we were not able to find the actual town where my friend lives, Polley, Wisconsin.

The area is really pretty and is definitely a farming community.

In addition, we saw signs warning us of Amish buggies that might be on the road. The clue to most of the farms that were owned by the Amish were that there were no cars in the driveways. And — I saw this Amish farming plowing his field.

Amish Farmer

I wanted so badly to knock on this farmer’s door, introduce myself and see if they would tell me a little bit about their beliefs and culture. But, my more practical husband decided it would be a bit much for him. So we continued eastward to our destination, Door County.

After checking into the resort where we’re staying, we headed off to dinner at The English Inn in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. We made reservations for 7:30 p.m. but had to wait a half hour in order to be seated.

The English Inn, Fish Creek, WI

The entryway has two cool “knights in shining armor.”

Knight in Shining Armor
Knight in Shining Armor

This was my date. (No, just kidding. This mannequin was standing in the entryway.)

The service was great. Unfortunately, my meal was not very good. I had the Pistachio Encrusted Whitefish but it was doused in too much butter and had too many pistachios on top. I could not finish eating it.

Pistachio Encrusted Whitefish

I ordered scalloped potatoes which I thought would be a “side” on my dish but I got a side platter instead which included a LOT of potatoes.

Scalloped Potatoes

Again, the service was great once we were seated but we don’t intend on returning to this restaurant. For the price of the food (expensive) it should have tasted a lot better.


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