Big Marine Lake Park – North

On Sabbaths we sometimes look for a new park to explore and that is how we found Big Marine Lake Park – North. It’s a little out of the way for us but the drive north is beautiful and was well worth it.

Big Marine Lake – North

So far, the parks we have visited have been very clean and this one was no exception.

Big Marine Lake Park – North
Big Marine Lake Park – North

One of the first things we saw when we entered was a moss filled pond. The deep green colors look so beautiful on the water and make it appear as if you can walk on it.

Mossy Pond

The park also has areas with tall grasses.

Tall Grass

The day we visited was pleasant with blue skies, low humidity and temperatures in the low 80’s. A “normal” Minnesota day — so I’m told by the locals. So where were all the people? What I’ve slowly learned is that living in a State with over 10,000 lakes means that people have more options of where to go so the parks are not crowded. There were a few families at the children’s playground which is very nice and has more than ample room for children to run around.

Children’s Playground
Children’s Playground
Children’s Playground

My husband and I then drove to the beach which was beautiful, had two lifeguards and two children swimming in the water.

Big Marine Park Beach

Next to the beach was a wetland and throughout the park we kept seeing these beautiful yellow birds flying around. Anyone know what they are?

Unidentified Yellow Minnesota Bird

Minnesota parks all seem to have fishing piers and this park was no exception. I walked to the end of the pier and spoke with a couple of fishermen there. They had caught a few fish but they were small and had thrown them back in the water.

Bridge to Fishing Pier

The really nice thing I liked about this park is that the trails are paved so you don’t have to struggle to get through brush and dirt to get to your destination.

Since summer is still in full swing, the flowers are still blooming.


Another Minnesota park explored with so many more to go. If you like water then Minnesota is the place to live.

Note: Click here to go to the Washington County Big Marine Lake Park website.


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