Wood Piles and Mice

When we first moved to our house over 16 months ago, I noticed black plastic triangle, hmmm, for lack of a better word, thingamajigs.  There were probably 12 of them that were placed strategically around our property. I didn’t know what they were for until the pest control company we hired said “Did you want me to fill the mice baits?” “Uh, what?”

Yes, the plastic black triangles are mice baits that they put poison in.  The mice then eat and off they go to die some place else. I had not seen any mice though.

For me, the saying “out of sight, out of mind” works very well until, of course, the “out of sight” comes into sight.

I moved most of the wood from the woodpile in the back of our property to the new woodpile at the side of the house. Two more trips and I was done. I reached for a piece of wood to put in the wagon I use to haul things and then — something moved. I had seen spiders already but I think I’m getting used to them and just let them get out of the way then proceed with my work.

Wood Pile

I picked up another piece of wood … something moved again. Looking to the left, I spotted them. Two small cute-as-a-button mice. Hmmm … they kept darting this way and that and I was wondering if maybe, just maybe, they had a nest in the woodpile that I couldn’t see. So, I did what any new-to-woodpile girl would do — I stopped what I was doing for the day. This will allow the mice to move elsewhere, or am I too hopeful about that?

Perhaps by tomorrow they’ll be gone and I can continue that part of my work.

But I am so proud of myself! In less than 1 1/2 hours I moved a whole stack of wood from one location to another. I must be getting to be a real country girl.  (laughing)

We are now ready for the cold and snow to hit. We don’t need the wood to heat our house but we sure do like having our fireplace going.

Weather predictions through the end of the year are calling for a dry autumn so we’ll wait and see what happens — dry means outside work will continue until it gets too cold. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy these dry crisp sunny autumn days.



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