Aristo’s Greek & Mediterranean Restaurant

My husband and I have passed the Aristo’s restaurant quite a few times but figured it was not “authentic” Greek food so we always kept driving by. But, I was in the mood for Greek food one day and decided to look at the menu online (which looks scrumptious) so off we headed to dinner.

Aristo’s Greek & Mediterranean Restaurant

The lighting inside was dim (romantic?) as the host led us to our table. I’m not positive but I believe the staff is from Greece. Service was fantastic here as they took our orders immediately and made sure that things went smoothly — from appetizer to soup to dinner. Both our waiter and another gentleman (perhaps the owner?) checked with us to make sure there was no lapse in service.

We ordered an appetizer called├é┬áSaganaki which is a lightly battered Kasseri cheese (my favorite cheese! if you haven’t tried it you should) flamed table side with rum and lemon juice. I was expecting a little piece of cheese but I was wrong as we received quite a large portion.


Then we had a wonderful green lentil soup which tasted better than the one I make at home (and I make a pretty good one).

Green Lentil Soup

And there was still dinner to be had. I had the Gyro Plate which is similar to a gyro sandwich except you don’t have the bread (although they gave you bread on the side). The onions were sweet tasting and everything was cooked to perfection.

Gyro Plate

My husband had the New York Steak which he downed quickly, meaning it’s good!

The restaurant has quite a few vegetarian options also.

My brain said “Have the baklava” but my stomach told me “You’re full.” I decided to listen to my stomach today. Kudos for me!

What a great place to go to for authentic Greek food. Check out their website below. It’s not the best looking website but it does its job.

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