Weight Loss on a Paleolithic Diet

I am now in my 7th month on a paleolithic diet. It has been quite a growing experience.

Taking sugar, processed foods and grains out of my diet – which are very easy to find on store shelves – was quite a challenge at first as was the eating of meat on a regular basis.

Although the paleo diet doesn’t suggest you eat copious amounts of meat, protein is a big part of the diet — as are lots of vegetables.

Anything with gluten is pretty much out. Re dairy: “The Paleo diet does not forbid the consumption of dairy products but recommends that they be removed for a while and then reintroduced at a later time to assess your individual tolerance.” LiveStrong

A couple of months ago, we introduced butter back into our diet. Recently I’ve added aged cheese but just in small amounts on salads.

Weight loss has been relatively easy although I never started on the diet to lose weight but simply to try it as my son, who was living with us at the time, wanted to try it.

Feet on a Scale
Feet on a Scale (Microsoft Free Images)

So far, I’ve lost 25.5 lbs. About one pound a week. I have not exercised as in going for long walks or to the gym but I follow my regular routine which includes yard work and sometimes hauling wood around.

It is a nice feeling to get on the scale and see my weight go down — something that didn’t happen while I was on a vegetarian diet but I didn’t limit grains, processed foods nor sugar on that diet.

Have I “cheated” on this diet? Yes but not often. Today we went to Five Guys (a burger restaurant) on the way home. That was a HUGE cheat as my husband and I had a hamburger and french fries (we don’t eat white potatoes on the paleo diet although there is mixed thoughts on whether one should or not depending on who you “read”).

I don’t care much for all the debates about eating this or that but the current diet is working for our family. Recent blood work showed my cholesterol was great and my blood pressure has stabilized even though I am eating meat almost daily and eggs are a larger part of our diet.

I believe that every person is different. What works best for one person doesn’t work for someone else. When I was trying to lose weight a few years back on Weight Watchers I lost 1 pound in a couple of months. They weren’t too happy with me and suggested I was doing something wrong.

Will I continue on this diet? For now, I believe we will. However, because I’m not used to eating meat daily I will continue to have my blood monitored to make sure this diet continues to keep me healthy.


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