Mini Paleo Meat Loaves

Baked Mini Meat Loaves
Baked Paleo Mini Meat Loaves

So I’ve been looking around for some new paleo recipes to try and came across one that I could adapt and paleo-ize.  Woohoo for all of us, yes?

The recipe didn’t cook “pretty” but it tasted very good and that’s all that really matters ~ well, at least in my eyes.

You will need a muffin tin.  Yes you will ~ can’t really make mini meat loaves without it. (I know, I didn’t have to show you a picture of a muffin tin but not all countries know what they look like and some of my readers are from other countries.)

Muffin Tin
Muffin Tin

Before I blended the meat mixture together, I made a paleo ketchup.  I found a pretty good recipe at Paleo Leaps.  The ketchup will be mixed with Dijon Mustard and Worcestershire sauce.  The ketchup recipe itself makes quite a bit and you won’t use all of it so you’ll have to adjust the taste. That’s a good thing though ~ taste, taste and taste, one of the better reasons to cook.

Paleo Ketchup
Paleo Ketchup

Your meat mixture will be combined and each one of the 12 muffin spaces will be filled.

Uncooked Mini Meat Loaves
Uncooked Mini Meat Loaves

Then you’ll be baking it for, oh, 20-25 minutes, removing it from the oven, topping it with the ketchup and baking it for a few more minutes.  I find that our convection oven tends to cook things quicker than a regular “bake” setting.

I served my Mini Meat Loaves with Baked Parsnip Fries and a salad.  Yum!

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