Darkness is descending. I was once told that “nothing good happens after dark.”

Growing up, that was a true statement for me. Growing up in the Chicago area with gangs, one did not venture too far, especially at night.
But, as a teenager, I didn’t think much about heading out. Until … one night, I was held up at gunpoint.
More to follow on that story. But God spared my life.
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Day’s End

Waiting for the sun to go down as Sabbath approaches.

Looking back, it was a busy day.  I received 2 free compost bags from the city of Seattle. Unfortunately the kitchen compost containers were out of stock.

I watched Wheel of Fortune.  One wouldn’t think that was a special event except that it reminds me of my mother who watches it faithfully every day.  I just occasionally view it.

The flowers I received for Mother’s Day are still alive ~ well, except for the roses.  Seems like those are the flowers that die first.

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The Small Things In Life

So my husband asked if he could get me anything from Starbucks and I thought I’d be cute and said “a tall non-fat decaf latte with lots of foam and” — then he rolled his eyes.

Off he went to the store and he did stop at Starbucks.  My youngest son went with him.  He’s 25 and a world traveler.

When they return, I get exactly what I ordered.  Isn’t it nice to have guys who like to please?

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