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We spent last evening with some friends. One of them is a paraplegic. He was shot in the back when he was about 26 years old. He’s had a really hard life but manages to have a smile on his face when we visit him and his wife.

Today, we were invited for brunch at a different friends’ home. Wonderful food. They are Lebanese and are the best of friends. They looked tired. The wife told me “we are getting old.” They are 73 now.
I used to think that our friends were mainly “older” but as I think about it, they are not so much older. Normally within 10 years of our age.
This Saturday I may preach a sermon at church. Haven’t picked a topic but “instruments” keeps popping up in my head. That may be it.
Still feeling dizzy today. Not enough to keep me down but enough to make me feel it.
Heard from a friend in Michigan today. That was so nice of him to call. He’s going to school to become a Pastor. A great investment of his time — and a great sacrifice. I hope to fly to where he will be getting married — when I find out when and where. The August date has been postponed. But — I’m thankful he has found someone so he doesn’t feel lonely.

God is good.

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