Stars & Stitches Quilt

I made this quilt for a friend who just finished cancer treatment.

Stars & Stitches Quilt ~ Pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Purple is her favorite color so I made the back purple to symbolize her life. The front, with varied shapes and colors, are the people in her life who she has “touched” with her gift of massage and her vast knowledge of “natural” cures.

I sewed diagonal lines on my Janome sewing machine.

Stars & Stitches Quilt ~ Pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Co.

The pattern is called Stars and Stitches by Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Stars & Stitches Quilt ~ Pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Co.
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A Child’s Rainbow Quilt

During Christmas, our son and his family surprised us with a visit.

Our 4 year old granddaughter wanted me to show her how the sewing machine worked so we sat and played around with it til it was time for them to leave.

Then she looks at me and asks if I could make her a rainbow quilt. I told her I would but wasn’t sure exactly what size to make.

My son assured me it wouldn’t matter so I set out to purchase some “rainbow” fabric. I made the front out of one piece of fabric but added some red strips to break up the pattern. I made the back with the Kona Cotton – New Bright Palette Roll Up.

It worked out quite well. The palette roll up has different gradations of color that makes for a beautiful backing.

My granddaughter was pleased with the quilt but said it was too large. I offered to bring it home and shorten it but she did not want to part with it.

Although the quilt was smaller than a napping quilting and bigger than a crib quilt, I think it will “grow” on her.

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My First Tied Quilt

A year ago I decided to make a twin “scrappy” quilt (a quilt made from leftover fabric from other quilts).

Then I decided to veer into uncharted territory ~ instead of sending it to a longarm quilter, I decided to “tie” it. I had never tied a quilt before in my life so was really hesitant. It took some time but I finished it, put the binding on then put it in my closet.

Why? Because I was afraid that the “tying” wouldn’t hold if I washed it. There was no reason for me to have this fear as thousands of quilters tie their quilts. But in the closet in stayed … until last week when I took it out of the closet, looked it over and washed it today. And ya know what? The tying held perfectly.

My fear was for naught.

Isn’t that how many things in life are? We procrastinate because we’re not sure how things will turn out til we finally take the plunge and all is well.

I was so elated when I took it out of the dryer and a soft tied quilt greeted me.

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Do Angels Wear Suits

I do not relish taking to the “skies’ in a plane and have visions of scenarios that shall remain unspoken.

Arriving at O’Hare airport for our recent flight to Boston for a cruise, was no exception. 

Our travel agent had reserved the Exit row seats for us for the extra legroom.  As I walked down the aisle to get to our seat, I was wondering who the window passenger might be because I was sitting in the middle row.

Upon arrival, I glanced at the gentleman sitting at the window seat. Wearing a black suit, white starched shirt, black shoes and a black tie I was, well, curious.   After securing my seatbelt and making sure both Phil and I were settled, I looked at the man whose face was blank and said “Are you a preacher?”  The words came out before I could stop them.  The man looked at me puzzled as if he didn’t hear and Phil repeated the question “She was wondering if you’re a preacher.” 

No, said the young man.  He had the whitest teeth. 

Not wanting to bother him again, I remained quiet for the rest of the trip.

After we landed, I stood up, grabbed my carry on, turned and said “I hope you have a nice day” which favored me with a smile.

Well, that was interesting …

Fast forward to our trip home.  This time we were on the other side of the plane in an exit row and again I was to sit in the middle seat.

Upon arrival, the window passenger was already there.  There in front of me was seated a man with a blue suit, white starched shirt, spiffed up shoes, a tie and a gray hat with a feather in it.

Alright I mumbled to myself.  No questions.  But I had to wonder if God had placed a well-dressed angel in the same row as us ~ again.

The steward came by and this gentleman requested his free drink ~ actually, two small bottles of liquor.  He said he had “status” which means he was a frequent flyer.  The steward complimented him on his hat so I wasn’t the only one who noticed it.

Hmmm … do angels drink?  Ahh, I thought ~ perhaps they too can turn liquor into water, eh?

After we deplaned, the tall man in the blue suit starting walking past me with large strides yet I wanted to take his picture ~ kind’ve like pinching yourself to know it’s real.  I know, I know ~ it is a little odd.   And so, leaving Phil behind (he doesn’t usually keep up with my crazy ideas), I quickly walked behind the man with the gray feathered hat to see if I could take a picture of him.

Do angels wear suits? I’ll have to wait til heaven to find out.  Angels or not, God provided this anxious child of His with a distraction.

“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.”  Hebrews 13:2

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A Window View

Autumn Window View

Sitting on my couch, I looked up and noticed how beautiful the day was ~ just by looking out the family room window.

I count myself blessed to be sitting here at peace with no disruptions except for any I make for myself.

My heart is saddened though as I hear a news feature ~ a 7 year old boy in Chicago was shot by a stray bullet while washing his hands in the bathroom in preparation for dinner.

What’s even more tragic is that his father died the previous week.

His name ~ Akeem.

His family ~ heartbroken.

More and more evil seems to be happening …

I sit looking out the family room window … no amount of beauty can erase a senseless killing.

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Autumn Colors in Illinois

The vibrant colors of autumn along with the crisp air always seem to remind me of a time long long ago when I would walk from the apartment I lived in to my grandmother’s (Mami Saro) house.

As I left the apartment to walk the one block to get to her house, I was focused on getting there.

Mami Saro had me spoiled. It seemed like she had a favorite from each one of her six children’s kids. I considered myself lucky.

The door was usually unlocked when I arrived. Entering the apartment the smell of food always permeated the air. Would she make my favorite “snack” today ~ scrambled eggs with diced spam ham? All I had to do was ask.

The ham would quickly be roasted on a frying pan before the egg would be added. Comfort food.

Yes, this was a most welcoming and loving place. Autumn floods my brain with those feelings.

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One Person At A Time

A friend of mine sent me this bookmark a couple years ago. It’s a constant reminder of how Jesus lived His life ~ reflecting the Father’s character to one person at a time. 

Looking back over my life at all the times God intervened, I am in awe of His love and mercy.  Many times I failed miserably at reflecting His character and He continued to love and bless me. 

I hope you know that He loves you too and that no matter what you’re going through in life, He continues to want to salvage our lives “oner person at a time.”

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A Rainbow Quilt

Awhile ago I made a quilt for my sister who requested a “Rainbow Quilt.”

There were many patterns on the internet to choose from but I decided to make her a quilt which was simple. She chose the fabric and the pattern that I had forwarded to her.

For the back I chose a fabric that had different variations of color.

Rainbow Quilt

It didn’t take me too long to cut the strips and sew them together.

Rainbow Quilt
Rainbow Quilt

She was very pleased with the result.

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Friendly Neighbors

We woke up to about 5 inches of snow today so mid-morning my husband and I headed outdoors in the 15 degree weather to shovel.

After shoveling our driveway and sidewalks I asked my husband if he was up to shoveling the neighbors driveway and sidewalk also. He agreed.

About 45 minutes after we had come inside, we looked out the window to see the neighbor’s son with his snowblower clearing off one small area that we had decided not to do. Had we waited he would have done all of it, but we have no regrets.

Then I received a text from a neighbor two houses down from us and she wanted to drop something off for us and wanted to make sure we were home.

Within minutes she left a large brown bag on the front bench. We waved at her as her young daughter recently was exposed to someone who had Covid so she didn’t want us to chat this time.

Opening the front door I quickly grabbed the bag and brought it indoors. The bag felt warm as I laid it on the kitchen counter.

I opened it and saw it was a loaf of homemade baked bread. Wow! I felt so blessed by this kind gesture of hers.

Homemade Bread

I had planned to make a curry dish for dinner with rice but decided to have this bread instead of rice.

It was delicious!

Vegetarian Curry

Since we moved to a suburb of Illinois a couple years ago we have been blessed with neighbors who shovel our walkways, bring us food and even desserts!

After dinner my husband heard a knock on the door and when he opened it the neighbor whose driveway we shoveled handed him a box and thanked him for shoveling her driveway. She had woken up with a pain in her arm so wasn’t able to go outside.

We were instructed not to open the box until tomorrow …

Hmmm … I wonder what it could be.

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Of Sewing Patterns and Mistakes

So … what a laugh God and I had today.

I decided I was going to teach myself how to make Makena a dress or two. Purchased the pattern and headed to YouTube as its quite complicated for a newbie. (They seem to make lots of assumptions on what one knows …)

Finally got all the pieces cut and headed to the sewing machine. Reading each step several times I started sewing. I was so proud of myself until I made it to step 2 which I’m sure is missing instructions.

After sewing two pieces together I took it off the machine and laughed and laughed as I had sewn the armpit together.

Back to the drawing board …

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