Yesterday I prayed for God’s protection on my family.

Last night I had a dream.  Most people don’t take dreams seriously but I believe there is a direct connection sometimes.

In my dream I was visiting my sister in Chicago.  We were scheduled to go out to dinner but my husband and I forgot so we decided to go swimming.

We went to an indoor pool and signed in.  The pool was really deep — maybe 10-15 feet.  As we were preparing to go into the pool we realized we hadn’t come prepared.  No towels.

But, we jumped in anyway.  We swam the length of the pool a few times.

There was a young girl there at a table and she said to us “would you like to swim in the pool a different way?”  We said “sure!”

She emptied the water from the pool and left only 3 feet.  When we looked down, there were alligators at the bottom.  Several alligators.

When we first got in we didn’t notice them at all.  But there they were.

She looked at us in utter amazement.  “I didn’t know they were there!”  she yelled.

Her supervisor came in and said “I signed for them and they weren’t alive so I threw them in the bottom of the pool.”

Needless to say we didn’t go back into the pool.

I believe God affirmed His protection in response to my prayer.

Coincidence?  There would just be too many coincidences in my life if I were to attribute it to that.

Ask, He says, and you shall receive.

In the Bible, in the book of Daniel, Chapter 2,  a man by the name of Daniel has a dream.  That dream tells the history of our world from Babylon to the end of time.  Prophecy has come true.

God can and does use dreams to speak to us.

How can I not believe?


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