Lake Roesiger/Trees

Sabbath is just about over.  A restful day.  I wish everyone could feel the peace that Sabbath brings.

We headed out this morning for a walk around Lake Roesiger Park in Snohomish County.  We were just a wee bit disappointed.

Lake Roesiger            .  

The lake is beautiful although you can’t walk around it — only drive.

The park, such as it is, really can’t be reached as there is a boy scout camp that takes up most of one side.

We took a drive and found this old barn.  I’ve always wanted to remodel a barn.  But, so far, that has not been my destiny.

Ultimate Guide: Barns, Sheds & Outbuildings

After the drive, we went back to the lake and walked across to the park where we walked through a closed campsite.  The campsite has not been taken care of.  We stepped on strawberry plants and pine needles.  Soft.

What impressed me the most were the trees.  I enjoy looking at trees.

Here are a few of the ones I took pictures of with my cell phone:

Trees intermingled.  We humans have a harder time mingling.  This picture reminds me to try and flow with what happens in life without resisting.  One learns to have that peace in Christ.
The light filtering through the trees represent hope to me.  In the midst of darkness (hurt, negativity, war, shame, anger, etc) we can find a light that shines in our heart that lets us know that there is more to life.
The path in life is not always smooth.  We walk weaving in between struggles, joy, loneliness, happiness … human frailties and strengths.  But in the end, the journey finds us satisfied if we take life one step at a time.

This scene was most fascinating to me.  A tree had fallen between two trees.  And yet, the two trees remain standing.  A crack in our human lives does not mean we have to fall.  Rather we can stand tall.
Ahhh, to be like trees.  There are many lessons we can learn as we take our walks in life.
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