Boardman Lake in Washington State

Boardman Lake

My husband and I decided to go on a hike today to Boardman Lake near Verlot, Washington.

The hike is said to be “largely gentle” but we didn’t find it very gentle.

Perhaps because gravel and  a little mountain climbing aren’t considered gentle to us.

The trail starts gently enough with 2-3 boardwalks along the way.

But then, the trail throws a twist at you.

We soon found ourselves having to look down all the time as there were small to medium sized rocks that we were walking on.

Later we encountered more of what you see in the picture above — large tree roots across the trail.

Although the trail is less than a mile, you have to go up to get to the lake.

We did make it to the top but were glad that we brought water bottles with us as it made us huff and puff.

This is a huge mushroom that we found along the way up to the lake.

There were many people on this trail — going up and down.

When we finally reached the lake people were swimming in it.

Wish we had brought our bathing suits with us.

Logjam at Boardman Lake

Heading back, we had to climb some large rocks to make it back on the trail.

Overall it was a good hike.  Challenging yet doable.

And the lake is beautiful.  Next time we’ll pack our bathing suits, lunch and some folding chairs so we can stay awhile.

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