The Complete Pocket Positives

Sometimes when I’m sleepless in Seattle, I turn to calming books to help my brain settle down.

The other night, I was reading a book called “The Complete Pocket Positives” and came across this quote:

“Consider the postage stamp; its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there.”
Josh Billings, 1818 – 1885, American Writer

I found it a remarkable statement as we live in a multi-tasking culture.

Talking on the phone?  Do laundry at the same time.

Cooking?  Do some cleaning.

Chatting on the computer?  Search for a new restaurant.

I think our brains are so full of stuff that sometimes it just doesn’t know what to do even if there are a gazillion things to do.

So — I think I’ll consider myself a postage stamp for awhile.  Do one thing and follow it through to completion without the worries of what else needs to be done.

I think this will work great for “things” and relationships.

The Complete Pocket Positives, Incorporating Pocket Positives and More Pocket Positives

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