Samsung Moment

Back to real life — I charged my “new” Samsung Moment overnight and this morning it just died.  I’ve been having problems with the battery life and other things for awhile.

I plugged it in and nothing happened.

So — for the FOURTH time I take it in.  The first time they replaced it because it was under their 30 day warranty.  The second time they charged the battery for me.  The third time I got educated by a repairman.

This fourth time beats it all!  I requested a new phone.  The response was “you don’t want to be educated on how the phone works you just want a new phone.”   Uh DUH!!!!  Yes, that’s correct.

As I explained to the repair person, they are  NOT family so I don’t have a need to speak or see them so often.

Request denied.  They blamed it on the GPS and Sync’ing that the new phones do.

Besides the manager explained, we don’t find anything wrong with it.  See, I plug it in and it charges, he says.

Huh!  Well, Mr. Manager, maybe you should spend the night at my house a few times and see if it happens again.


But, now that I’m educated, maybe — just maybe — it will work like it’s supposed to.

Yeah, right.  Or maybe, I’ll just write a letter to see if someone in the upper atmosphere can help.

Oh — did I say it already?  I HATE MY NEW SAMSUNG MOMENT!!!!!!!

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