Moving to Minnesota

So, the house has been on the market now for about 9 days.  Many people have traipsed through and we received a job offer.  We have counter-offered and are waiting to see if it’s accepted.

Having to leave your home every time someone wants to view it gets rather intrusive.

Can’t remember how many coffee houses I’ve been to and how many cocoas I’ve had to stay away from my house while someone else is viewing it.

For all 3 open houses, I have prayed that we would have sunny weather in Seattle and my wonderful God has obliged.

Yes, I know it may sound narcissistic of me to think that God has changed the weather for me.  But since all good things come from God, I must give Him the credit.

Now the time is coming when we have to say our goodbyes to people who have been in our lives on an almost daily basis.  Friends who have become family.

It will be harder than when we moved to Seattle and said goodbye to family in the Midwest.  These friendships have run deep into our hearts.  No longer can we call them friends but family.

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