Moving to Minnesota

For a few years, I have had the privilege of knowing an older woman whose children don’t pay much attention to her.

I’ve become her durable power of attorney and about 3 or so years ago, we found an adult family home for her to live in as she was not able to care for herself safely.

When I visited her a couple weeks ago, one of the caregivers commented on how they felt bad for her as other people had family members who would come visit them and take them out but no one from our friends’ family would visit.

My friend has onset dementia and is slowly going downhill.  It will be hard to be far away and not be able to pop in and see her.  After awhile she may not recognize my voice on the phone.

I took care of all of her funeral arrangements a few years back.  But still …

It’s just not right that people should be so alone.

In talking to other people, it seems that a lot of people really live “alone” lives.

I then think of all my family and friends and how blessed I am.

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