Apartment Living in Woodbury, Minnesota

Here are pictures of the complex called The Classic at the Preserve where we have rented a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment.

This is the side entry.  Our car is parked there instead of the heated indoor parking lot as I come and go during the day and it’s easier just to walk out the front door.

Although there is lots of snow piled around, it has not snowed in over 7 days.  They pile the snow into big mounds so they don’t melt.
Our apartment faces Southwest.  When the sun shines we get lots of warmth.

 The water pressure in Minnesota is fantastic.  I don’t believe they have low-flow shower heads.  So one could take a very quick shower.

The apartment complex is fairly similar to the one I used to manage in Seattle.

There are so many apartments here though.  Across the street from us there is another huge building with more apartments.

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