Packing to move to Minnesota

Back in Seattle now.

The flight was uneventful. No TSA groping me. I found a security area that does not have the new scanners. I hope that that option will always be available.

I’m starting to get paranoid. When people start allowing the government to do things they shouldn’t be doing in the name of security … Feels like the Hitler era starting again. Slowly rights are taken away.

From a religious point of view, the U S will start taking away our rights. Somehow I had imagined it was religious rights first not civil rights.

Back to normalcy, when I entered our “home” it seemed so vacant. We lived in it like this for a few weeks but leaving and then coming back gave it a real sense of vacancy.

The movers arrive Monday morning.

Tomorrow I’ll be visiting my elderly friend with someone who will help her out since I’m living so far away.

I’m trying to squeeze in visits to everyone I told I’d try to see.

Wasn’t too happy when someone canceled for this evening as my time is so short. Not sure I can reschedule that visit. Oh well …

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