Moving and Christmas

I’ve always been one of those people who send their Christmas cards out by Thanksgiving. Not so this year. I still have one left to mail.

The feel is different this year as I also missed my “shop by Veterans Day for Christmas” day this year.

My traditions have been replaced by trying to get into an apartment, packing a Seattle house for storage, contacting companies to disconnect and reconnect utilities, changing addresses, etc.

All simple things but time-consuming nonetheless.

Now the anticipation of finding the right house to buy and everything that goes with that, unpacking, sending out new addresses again, etc.

Perhaps my son was right when he said we should just buy an igloo.

The snow has not daunted my efforts in plodding along.

It’s more the brain that is moving slower with trying to compartmentalize and process all the new things.

As a middle-ager, I have to think that it’s a good thing to keep the brain active.

There can come a time though when the brain says “enough now” and takes a mental break.

As Christmas draws near, I am reminded to stop and smell the roses, er snow, and rest in the beauty of the new moments in time we are given.

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