Christmas Ornaments

Most years, we go out and get a live blue Frasier tree for Christmas.

We bring it in and let it dry overnight for a day before putting on the Christmas music and decorating it.

We have received many ornaments throughout the years.  Some are angels, different color balls, snowflakes, birds, etc.

Every year we methodically place the ornaments on the tree remembering the people who gave them to us and when we received it.

This year, our small artificial tree has ornaments that we bought at Walmart and Target.

We had no memories with the ornaments we placed on our tree this year except the new ones we made.

A move to Minnesota.
A new job.
Apartment living.
Close proximity to family.

Yet the memories we have of the ornaments of “old” still remain with us.  Never to be replaced by these ornaments.

Each person who walked through my life has been etched in my mind — their smile, laugh, advice.  Each one as different as each ornament — unique.

It reminds me of a Scripture that says “And even the very hairs of your head are numbered.”  Found in Matthew 10:30 this verse refers us to God who knows everything about us including the number of hairs on our head.

We are never forgotten by Him.

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