UGG boots

With all the snow that Minnesota has been getting lately, and the cold temperatures, I decided I needed warm boots.

I rarely shop for myself but when I do, I usually go to Nordstrom’s since my shopping time is usually quick there, service is great, and I find exactly what I’m looking for.

Within 10 minutes of walking into Nordstrom’s I found my new UGG boots.

UGG Boots

When I tried them on they felt snug.  The salesperson assured me that this was the correct fit and that they will stretch.

Trusting him, as I have previous Nordstrom salespeople, I left with my boots in hand.

They are truly warm and comfortable.  I had the option of getting an insert to give foot support but for $40 I decided to pass on it.

I figure I won’t be wearing them all the time so I shouldn’t have to worry too much about support.

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