Christmas Celebration

Today was Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for us in Minnesota.  Normally we wait for the “usual” time but since we will be in Chicago for those 2 days, we celebrated our small family’s Christmas early.

Every Christmas Eve my husband (and this year my son) disappear in the kitchen and come out an hour later with the most wonderful finger foods that would satisfy any palate.
Christmas Eve finger foods
The “spread” is delightful to behold.  Plates fill up quickly and we always manage to go back for seconds.

These are fresh vegetarian avocado egg rolls which also have shredded carrot and cucumbers.

Inari is a Japanese dish that has cooked rice (with vinegar) and includes sliced carrots and cucumbers.  It is held together in a tofu wrap.  Very delicious.
We never can have enough healthy vegetables to eat — fresh broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and sliced cucumbers.

Pineapple, orange slices, pickled herring, green and black olives accompany the mint and almond M&M’s.  This is the first year we’ve tried the new M&M’s.

Smoked salmon, crackers and edam cheese finish off the list of finger foods.

Only thing missing this year was our number one son who still lives in Seattle.  And of course, the wonderful friends we left behind.

While eating, we listen to Christmas carols and talk and enjoy each other’s company.
Afterwards, we open presents.  A little early this year but it’s more about the love we have for each other and the love that Christ has for us than the actual date.
After all, that’s the real reason for this lovely season.
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