The Christmas Gift

Gifts.  Most people like to receive them.  They come in various types — gifts of money, time, clothes, jewelry, etc.

The giver takes joy in watching the gift being opened.    Their mind waits in anticipation to see if the gift will be warmly received or if the gift will just be set aside, never to be looked at again.

The Father in heaven did the same.  He sent us the gift of His Son, Jesus, and watched to see how warmly He would be received.

Is He disappointed?  Some days, yes.  But other days He smiles as He watches His children accept Jesus into their lives.  He watches as their lives are transformed from pain to joy, war to peace, embarassment to pride, hate to love.

The transformation happens quickly or slowly just like opening a gift.  One person rips the wrapping up and pulls the gift out hurriedly.  Another, slowly and painstakingly looks to see where the paper is taped, takes one piece of tape off at a time, removes the paper, folds it and sets it aside, looks at the box and checks for any tape, removes the tape, removes the lid from the box and then removes the gift.

Is there a right way or a wrong way?  No.  Both are right.  And the Giver, God, takes joy in watching the transformation of His children.

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