Joyce Meyer

One of my favorite speakers is Joyce Meyer.   She reminds me of myself in so many ways.  She always talks about things that happen in her life and about being practical.  Her moods used to sway back and forth just like mine.

Recently she spoke about being upset with her husband and when they went to bed she lay way on the other side of the bed so as not to touch him.  Lying in bed, she was cold but felt too much pride to reach for the blanket.  Meanwhile, her husband slept peacefully on the other side.  Which made her even madder.

I laugh at this shared experience but remember an identical one in my own life.  Quite stubborn and proud.

I’ll bet as humans we all share similar experiences but are afraid to talk about them for fear other people may think we’re not normal.  I have yet to figure out what normal is.

But I do know that the more I’ve trusted in God, the less proud and selfish I’ve become.

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