Minnesota & Wisconsin House Hunting

This evening we made our second offer on a house.

We are finding a lot of homes that our overpriced.  This causes some alarm because we can’t make a full price (or anywhere near full price) offer on a house as the sellers can’t take anything less than full price or they will sell their house as a short sale, i.e. the house will sell for less than what they owe on their mortgage.  Nor do we want to overpay for a house in a depressed neighborhood.

Hearing news of many foreclosures coming down the road, this article says some people should consider buying a foreclosed home in 2011.

For now, we will wait to see if our offer is accepted.  If not, we will continue looking for a house that is in a neighborhood where the values have not gone down so much.  That’s getting a little hard to find.

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