Cottage Grove, Mn

While driving around in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, we came across a house we thought might be a possibility for us to view for a possible purchase.

Cottage Grove, Minnesota 

The house sits up on a hill on 70th St. S.  It looks pretty and next to it, on the right, is its detached garage.

Unfortunately, I think this house was a “hold-out.”  By this, I mean that the owners probably received an offer to buy their house and land so that a large development could build on it.  Instead, they said no and the picture below shows what the property around it looks like.

Cottage Grove, Minnesota

Cookie cutter houses — built by a large developer — surround the house on both sides.  

This reminds me of a house in Seattle where the owner, an elderly woman, refused to sell her house to condo developers.  Click here to read that story.
This might be a nice house but unfortunately, we don’t want to live in a house surrounded by a large development.

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