“Let every breath be a prayer.”  My Life Today, pg 17, by Ellen White

So many times I hear people say “Oh, God” or “oh my God.”  Is it an acknowledgement of God or just a phrase that’s been coined?

The saying “there is no atheist in foxholes” rings true to me.  I believe at the core of every person’s being there is a belief in God. The world somehow smudges that belief and we have, well, what we have today.  

How does one define morality in the world of no God?  Does it mean we have no rules to live by?  If we do have rules, whose rules do we choose?  The government’s?  Or perhaps we should go by majority rule.  Or I have even heard that we should just be allowed to do whatever we want to do.

Until that is, other people’s actions affect us, or someone we love dearly, directly or indirectly.  

Let’s take Jared Loughner, the accused Tucson gunman.  Which moral standard should he have abided by?  Which one should we hold him to?  I believe States have laws against killing other people.  But then, so does the Bible — “thou shalt not kill.”

Perhaps we should put it to a vote as to whether that law is good or bad.  Uh, perhaps not.  If the majority were to vote that killing is ok, that an eye for an eye is the right code to live by — well, we could have a revolution on our hands.

No.  I continue to believe that inherently we really all believe and when push comes to shove, every breath is a prayer to the Creator God.  Whether we want it to be or not.

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