For many years, I have looked for a good yogurt.

Yogurt has “friendly” bacteria that is good for digestion.  I have not found very friendly yogurt though.  I have found yogurt that is sour, liquidy or too sweet (even with the fresh berries inside).
One yogurt called Activia actually made me sick.  I received a coupon in the mail and decided (at the time)  since it was a new product, I would try it.  
I ate the whole container and then became sick.  It felt like I had the flu.  After a couple hours, the feeling passed but I never forgot the experience.  I threw out the other 2 containers.
Imagine my surprise then to find a yogurt called Stonyfield here in Woodbury.  I can eat this every day.  
The texture is smooth, almost like pudding, and it is neither too sweet nor too sour.  And they also have my favorite flavor — mango.
Stonyfield Yogurt

In addition to yogurt having friendly bacteria, most have potassium, magnesium, B-12 and calcium.

Finally — a yogurt I can appreciate.

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