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Moving to Minnesota from Seattle, Washington comes with a few challenges.

Since all of our possessions are in storage in Seattle until we buy a house, we are renting an apartment including the furniture, linens and kitchenware.

Sounds simple enough.

Everything looked so pretty when we entered the apartment the first day.  Furniture in place, kitchen items in place, towels in the bathroom.  Yes, pretty simple.

Coming from a large house to a 2 bedroom apartment, we received 4 of everything.  Four plates, four bowls, four glasses, four spoons, four forks, etc.  (We bought the 4 mugs to match.)  laughs

We go through 4 things pretty quickly.

Then there’s the quality of the things that we rent.  The sharpest knife doesn’t cut very well, the bowls are too small (or perhaps we eat too much?), the cheese grater doesn’t grate very well unless you count the grating it does on my nerves.

I long for my possessions in the land of Seattle much like the Israelites longed for the things they left behind in the land of Egypt when they were called by God to leave it.

I’m sometimes tempted to go out and buy a blender, a sharp knife, more dishes, etc.  But then, we’d have double everything when our possessions from Seattle arrive in HOPEFULLY the next month.

No — leading a simple life is not too bad.  I am really blessed just to have food on our table and clothes on our back.

So for now – I am thankful.  Even if a little agitated.

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