I decided to make potato soup.

I had so many leftover red potatoes from a big bag that we had bought and they were starting to look — old.  I had to use them for something.  The skins were drying out and some of them were starting to grow roots.  Ugghh!

Most of the potatoes were small and had to be peeled.  And I have small hands so it made it a little hard to do.

As I was peeling the potatoes, a thought came to me.

Here I am trying to use potatoes that would probably have been thrown out by someone else.  Thought of as useless, the trash would have taken them away easily.

Isn’t that how it is sometimes when people get older?

We think they don’t have anything of value left in them because they look old and wrinkly.  Yet when you peel away the outer skin of their humanity, inside is a beautiful human being.  All polished and ready to talk and share and do whatever they can do for you.

Yes, they are sometimes hard to work with because they are, as some say, “set in their ways.”  And people will toss them away because of that, not wanting to peel away their outer being.  It does take time.

But the beauty that can be found inside is worth every minute of patience and time that it takes.

I have found on so many occasions that just because the body is aging on the outside does not mean that the emotions on the inside have also aged.  They are still vibrant in their thinking and would also be so in their life if given a chance.

They’re just waiting for someone to come and peel them.

Here are faces of some potatoes I know who have been peeled and found to be beautiful.

Funny, that’s how Jesus views us.  Looking past the outer skin, he takes our hand and sees the beauty that lies within.
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