The Vineyard

I will sing for the one I love a song about His vineyard.
My loved one had a vineyard on a fertile hillside.
He dug it up and cleared it of stones and planted it with the choicest vines.
He built a watchtower in it and cut out a winepress as well
Then He looked for a crop of good grapes, but it yielded only bad fruit.    Isaiah, Chapter 5

A friend was pregnant with her first baby.  She was ecstatic and was determined to do everything right.  From the very start of her pregnancy, she ate only healthy food so that her baby would have the best start in his life..  No sugar, no refined flour, no white rice.

Once the baby was born, she continued to give him only the best foods and tended to him with tenderness as I had not seen before in my life.  Holding him close, she would read to him and talk to him with a gentle voice.  I had not seen that mother-son love exemplified until I saw it in her.  What a beautiful example of what our Father can and does do for us.

He digs up the dirt in our hearts, plants the choicest vine of Jesus inside and proceeds to build a watchtower in the presence of the Holy Spirit to help us on our journey.

Then He waits for the crop of good grapes in our lives.  Actions that portray to others His goodness and His love that they too may be blessed.

Sometimes we yield bad fruit and the three of them — Father, Son and Holy Spirit are saddened.

What more could have been done for my vineyard than I have done for it?   Isaiah 5:4

Indeed, what more can our Father do for us?

If we were to daily ask that question, reminding ourselves of our blessings, we wouldn’t let the petty things in life get in the way.  And anger, resentment, pride, selfishness would simply melt away.

Father — you can do nothing more.  I need to continue to allow you to clear the stones from my heart and allow your peace and love to grow.

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