Sunsets Restaurant in Woodbury, Minnesota

The Sunsets Restaurant was recommended to us by our Realtor, Bridget Crepeau.

Sunsets Restaurant, Woodbury, Minnesota

We were seated immediately when we entered and the waitress was very efficient throughout our visit.

Our entrees included salad and/or soup and bread.  The Cream of Chicken Rice soup was said to be okay.  The salad was good.  I liked that they added sunflower seeds.  The bread was also good.
Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

House Salad with sunflower seeds at the Sunsets Restaurant

Bread served with the entree at the Sunsets Restaurant

Originally, I had wanted to order the Kung Pao Beef.  Although this wasn’t an Asian restaurant, it sounded good.  When asked, the waitress told me that the sauce is spicy so I opted out and had the 

Chicken Stir Fry instead.

Chicken Stir Fry

Meatloaf ala Marsala

Broiled Walleye

The Chicken Stir Fry was really good.  They didn’t have very many pieces of chicken but it wasn’t missed as the vegetables were really good.

The presentation of the Walleye was not very good.  They served the garlic mashed potatoes on a separate little plate which left the the main dish looking like it was lacking in food.  But the Walleye was good.
And the Meatloaf ala Marsala was also good.
There are many large screen TV’s in this restaurant so it’s not very cozy.
Overall our experience was good.  Especially since we had a really nice waitress who kept checking in on us.

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