House Hunting in Wisconsin

One of the fun things about house hunting is that there are so many varied homes in the Minnesota and Wisconsin areas.

Some of the homes are in neighborhoods with tall evergreen trees behind them, others have a prairie like acreage to them and still others are in communities where every house looks the same (with the exception of the car that may be in the driveway).

A home we saw today was very unique.  The drive to get to the home was beautiful on a road that was tree lined on both sides.

This is the driveway to the home.

Hudson, Wisconsin

If you take a close peek, there are homes nestled among the trees.

Hudson, Wisconsin

The property has a bench where one can sit and meditate.  It looks so peaceful.

Hudson, Wisconsin

Driving up to the home, you see all these steps that you think you’re going to have to climb in order to get in the front door.  But they are on the side where the decks are.

Hudson, Wisconsin

Here is the front door.  Wheeee!!!  I thought I was going to exercise a lot today.

Hudson, Wisconsin

The inside of this home needs a lot of updating.  This is a picture of the very old built-in microwave.

Hudson, Wisconsin

A beautiful fireplace graces the living room and windows show the treed view on the property.

Inside of Hudson, Wisconsin home

Fireplace inside Hudson, Wisconsin home

This home is perfect for someone who has a lot of money to use on updating it.  The floors in the kitchen are brick and would have to be replaced along with the carpeting throughout the house.

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