India Palace Restaurant

I went to the India Palace Restaurant in Woodbury, Minnesota for their buffet lunch.

India Palace Restaurant, Woodbury, Minnesota

The restaurant looks small on the outside but has quite a bit of seating on the inside.  They serve a buffet during the lunch hour which makes it worth going to — well, on the pocketbook, not on the waistline.

I started with a mango lassi which is a mixture of mango puree and yogurt.  I was not disappointed.  It was a good drink.
The buffet line has quite a few entrees along with rice and desserts.  Since I like naan bread, that’s where I headed first.  It was okay — I wish it had tasted a little fresher though.  The bread was semi-burnt on the bottom and tasted a little soggy.  
I sampled the tandoori chicken tikka which has chunks of boneless chicken breast marinated in ground spices with saffron.  It was very good along with the white rice.
India Palace, Woodbury, Minnesota
From the desserts, I sampled the Kheer, a creamy rice pudding that has pistachios in it.  This was really good although I didn’t taste as much pistachio as I had imagined it would have.  Still — I went back for seconds.
Kheer, India Palace, Woodbury, Minnesota
The service was good although during the lunch hour people were standing near the front counter waiting to pay and it’s right next to the front door where people are coming in so it was a little hectic getting out.
I would definitely go back for their lunch buffet.
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