House Hunting in Wisconsin

On the other side of the St Croix River in eastern Minnesota lies a small town called Hudson, Wisconsin.

We’ve been looking for houses in both Hudson and also in Minnesota but have yet to find one that meets most of our requirements and wants.  One of the last homes we saw was no exception.

Hudson, Wisconsin home

This house is fenced in the backyard.  A cage in one of the rooms hints that they had a dog.  The property sits on about 2 acres and does not have very many trees but is more open — prairie-like.

Tiffany-like chandelier

When I entered the house, I was impressed when I looked up and saw this Tiffany-like chandelier.  It made the entrance feel warm somehow.  The stairs are just a few steps from the foyer and once you pass the steps, the living room boasts a beautiful fireplace that has light-filled windows on both sides.

Hudson, Wisconsin fireplace

Entering the kitchen, the owners continued the tiffany-like light look as over the kitchen island, there were these three lights.

Tiffany-like light fixtures, Hudson, Wisconsin

But of course, every house has its idiosyncrasy as I found an old scale in the corner of the office.

Old upright scale, Hudson, Wisconsin

The flow of this house was not our style.  The oak cabinets have a different look to them that, had this home had a better floor plan, would not have bothered me at all.

Nice house.
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