House Hunting in Wisconsin

It is still a tough choice to make whether to live in Minnesota or Wisconsin.  It is made more complicated when there are new houses being built that cost less than the older ones in the same area.

I drove past a development in Hudson, Wisconsin, right off of Exit 4.  The house is supposed to be completed by the 4th of March.  I didn’t step inside, but I can’t see how it can be.  Perhaps things move much quicker than I imagine.

New House in Hudson, Wisconsin
Although it looks like the house is very close to the trees in the background, it is actually quite far from them although the property line goes pretty close to the trees.  A different angle of the back of the house shows the true picture.
New House in Hudson, Wisconsin

This house is actually pretty private — not too close to its neighbor, at least not for now.  More houses will be built further down the road.

House in Hudson, Wisconsin

Bales of hay can be seen in the farmland that surrounds this new development.  I’m not sure how long it will be before this area is totally houses and the farms are gone.

Bales of hay in Hudson, Wisconsin

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