Where Is God?

Psalm 62:2 “Truly He is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress,
I will not be shaken.”

Sometimes I read other blogs and find a jewel of an article.  The one I found is called “Where Is God When We Need Him?”  A lengthy article but well worth reading.

I don’t think I know a Christian who has not grappled with the question of where God is — especially in times of deep need like a death, depression, sickness, abuse, etc.  In my life, I have had moments when I too have felt that God was silent.  I would look up at the sky in anger and say “So, where are You?  You said you’d never leave me or forsake me but — you are not here!”

My experiences though have been a little different than this other blogger in that God has always shown Himself to me.  Whether it’s through a song, a person, an animal, the wind — He has spoken.  Not always right away.  He knows my breaking point and just when I’m ready to give up, like playing hide-and-seek, He says “I’m right here.”

But He wasn’t playing hide-and-seek.  He was there all along.  I just failed to see Him.  He has always been faithful in being right by my side.

Click here to read the article.

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