Minnesota Weather

When the weather drops to 10 or below, the weather person tells us to make sure we have all of our “skin” covered so that we don’t get hypothermia.  This is because the windchill can get to -10 and -20 depending on how strong the wind is.

This morning, we noticed two teenagers on a corner street waiting for the school bus.  One of them was wearing shorts.  It was unbelievable to me, although when I was younger I remember going out with my coat unbuttoned when it was cold.

Still, today was the first day that I actually experienced what the weather person was talking about.  Forgetting my gloves at home, I headed into Starbucks to work on my writing.  When I left a couple hours later, I climbed into the car.  The short distance between Starbucks and the car was not short enough. My fingers were almost frozen when I started the car.

Frost bite … one has to be careful living in Minnesota.

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