Mansetti’s Restaurant

It’s always nice to find a restaurant that has good pizza.  Mansetti’s is fantastic!

We weren’t sure what to expect when we entered.  There were a lot of seniors leaving the restaurant.  Walking very slowly.    We seated ourselves.  The wait people were all young looking — a big contrast from the clientele that just left.

It wasn’t long before we were the only ones in the restaurant.

Mansetti’s Pizza & Pasta, Shoreview, Minnesota

Mancetti’s has booths and tables available.  There was no music on when we arrived but once everyone left, the music came on — loudly.

I think they were having problems adjusting the volume.

We ordered our pizza and it came promptly — thin crust, barbecue chicken.  The barbecue was nice and tangy.

A definite place we need to return to.

Mancetti’s Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Mancetti’s is located at 3999 Rice St, Shoreview, Minnesota.

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