Mi Familia Restaurante y Cantina

We’re still searching for a good Mexican restaurant to eat at and decided to try Mi Familia Restaurante y Cantina.  A cantina in Spanish means bar.

Mi Familia Restaurante y Cantina in Woodbury, Mn

Normally, the restaurant’s that have bars have separate eating areas. Not so with this one.  When we entered, there was a sign that said “Our credit card machine is down.  Cash only.  ATM in … ”  Since we had cash we continued to enter.

To the left of entering, is the bar area, directly ahead is the above, uh, let’s call it a  sculpture.  From the tables directly past the sculpture are tables and booths.  We were seated immediately.

We were served chips with guacamole dip and hot salsa.  The chips were not very good.  I’ve bought better ones at the store.

I had the super burrito (it’s hidden under the lettuce).  The burrito was served with whole cooked pinto beans and rice.  The rice was cooked a little too long but the burrito tasted good.  The beans lacked flavor.

Super Burrito at La Familia Restaurante y Cantina

My husband had the enchilada verdes with rice and beans.  His response was “it was okay.”

Enchiladas Verdes

We probably won’t be going back to this restaurant.  It was too bar-like for me and the food was not worth the money spent.  Although, our waitress was very good.

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