Apartment Living – At Its Worst

The sign at the apartment complex says “Ultra Luxury Living.”
Then a quote comes to mind “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.”

Living in an apartment for 4 1/2 months has been interesting.  The customer service was good — to start.  The apartment complex made it easy for us because they were able to take care of the rental of our furniture and other supplies.  We looked at the rental packages in the book, confirmed what we wanted and signed the lease (which included the cost of the rental furniture).

The first day I arrived at the apartment, the rental furniture was already set up except we didn’t have a king size bed nor did we have the extra sleeper sofa.  We called and the sleeper sofa was delivered within 2 days.  We didn’t bother to change out the size of the bed. After all, we were only going to be here for a month or two at most.

Since we arrived here:

— the washer broke down twice and finally had to be replaced

— the dryer shrinks our clothes

— the garbage disposal backed up. Someone was sent out right away.  Not sure he knew what he was doing as water spewed throughout the kitchen floor.  “Oh sure” I said.  “You can use my clean towels to wipe up the mess.”

And now I get a message on my cell phone “This is management headquarters for The Classic.  A month ago you received a letter regarding your rental and we have yet to hear from you.”

A wrong assumption as no letter has been received.  I called and left 3 different messages before “management” called me back.

The woman starts by saying “You got a letter and you owe us $1100 to make your account current.”  Uh, why don’t we start at the beginning I say.

Come to find out, the furniture rental company has charged the complex two delivery charges.  One for the first delivery of our furniture rental and another charge for the second (even though it was their mistake to not have delivered it with the first shipment).

In addition, we are (supposedly)  being undercharged monthly for the rental by approximately $80.

What an interesting scenario.  I do enjoy solving other people’s puzzles.

Me:  Do you have a copy of our lease?

She: No

Me:  Well, if you look at our lease it doesn’t show we owe the amount you’re stating.  We have paid our monthly charges in full every month.”

Her: Well, it’s more and we shouldn’t have to pay for it.  And you didn’t pay for the two delivery charges.

Me:  No delivery charges were quoted to us and the amount on the lease is what we have been paying.

Her: You received notice a month ago.

Me: Did you send a certified letter?

Her: No the caretaker was supposed to drop it off.

Me: Well she didn’t.

Her: We’ll have to come and remove some of the items.

Me: (in a higher pitched voice now):  I DON’T think so.  You need to check the lease and abide by the terms of the lease that you signed with me.

And off she went.  Haven’t heard another peep from her.

Our lease expires the end of April and we will be moved by then so it will be a mute issue.

Apartment living does not seem to agree with me.  I guess I could never get used to ultra luxury.

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