The Sabbath School lesson today is on the importance of prayer.

The illustration used is from the book of Mark, Chapter 1 verses 29-35 where Jesus had spent the day healing people and yet awoke early, found a solitary place and prayed.

So often, I can barely get myself out of bed to get going.  With sleepy eyes, I trudge out of bed to follow the morning routines.

I friend of mine once told me that unless you pray in the morning, you’re really not fit for the day.  It took me a little while to process that.  I don’t believe it’s true though.  There are a lot of people who aren’t “morning” people.

Some people pray throughout the day, some in the evenings, some in the morning.  When I think about prayer and what I believe it’s supposed to do for my relationship with God (bring us closer) I have to pause.

My day gets fast-paced and although I feel I’m “praying without ceasing,” the stopping and paying attention to my relationship with God is sometimes still lacking.

So — Jesus going of to a solitary place, away from His friends, family, other people, is something that I have come to realize is important.

No multi-tasking when it comes to my relationship with God.  No trying to “fit Him in.”

Now — to practice what I preach.


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